TriOptus provides unlike traditional outsourcing, a high degree of flexibility to manage and administer the delivery. We provide you with Full-time or Part-time high quality yet affordable employees on contract to undertake your day to business functions working from our offshore delivery centres in India or from onsite centre in the US and/or Canada. We are an international company enhancing our brand consistently with multiple prime offices across 3 primary continents with further expansion plans to Europe and APAC.

Similar to a staffing agency, TriOptus submits stellar candidates who precisely match your job requisitions. If hired by you, the candidate becomes your full-time employee or directly execute consulting contracts with you. TriOptus is not a party to the contractual relationship between the candidate and you

TriOptus offers RPO under a variety of mixes depending on the client’s needs:


Preliminary Screening (Pre-Screen) Recruiting

TriOptus’s pre-screen recruiters save your in-house recruiters time and allow you to close more opportunities.  Our Pre-screen recruiters work during the US day (Indian nightshift) hours and interact with candidates using scripts and email templates based on client requirements. The pre-screen recruiters source and check the candidates’ availability and interest level in the position. Interested and available candidates answer a list of screening questions that have been developed in conjunction with you and submit an updated resume.  Resumes of only those candidates who are interested, available, and pre-qualified are forwarded to your onshore recruiters. Last of all, TriOptus’s pre-screen recruiters schedule and confirm a comprehensive qualification interview between the candidate and your in-house recruiter.


“Recruiting is all about reaching out to the right candidate at the right time.”

TriOptus sourcers will get you candidates when you and your competitors are fast asleep. Our sourcers work during the US night (the Indian dayshift) hours thus providing the competitive advantage to you. Send us your job requisitions at the close of your business day and before your recruiters come in the next morning, we will submit resumes of high-calibre candidates along with a Candidate Submittal Report that summarizes each candidate’s qualifications. Our expert Sourcers identify candidates from a wide variety of sources – not just job boards. Our sourcers also sends emails to these candidates and when the candidate replies, the responses are automatically redirected to your in-house recruiters. Though, TriOptus sourcers only source quality profiles, they avoid any voice communication.


Full Lifecycle Recruiting

TriOptus’s full lifecycle recruiters perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that includes sourcing, comprehensive candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, administering online tests, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes, and conducting background and reference checks. TriOptus’s full lifecycle recruiters have extensive international (US, Canadian, and/or UK) recruiting experience. The full lifecycle recruiters work during the US day (India nightshift) so that they can interact with candidates during US regular hours in real time. Hence candidates presented by TriOptus are ready to be submitted to your hiring managers without any need for further qualification.


Our experienced team is able to provide flexible staffing support for both clinical and non-clinical staffing needs, executing a proven qualification process that emphasizes quality, integrity, compliance, and qualification.