You are the architect of your own “career”.

We are a “What would you like to do?” organization and not a “Here’s what you need to do?” institution. We provide employees with opportunities to grow and succeed, give them control over their career destinies, and support their interests outside of work. Our Talent Experts ensure that employees are put in roles where they can flourish – and customize the training and mentoring they need to meet their aspirations.

What our employees say about TriOptus:

  • “I couldn’t have opened on time without the assistance of TriOptus HR Team. Their dedication and professionalism throughout my onboarding and training far surpasses this industry’s standards.” I have had the pleasure of working with TriOptus for a number of years whilst working in a variety of different roles. That’s the best part that I had the opportunity to experiment cross-functional roles and fit in to do the best that suited me the most.

    Consultant Fortune 100 investment bank, USA
  • “Great leaders. Every employee is treated as a leader and given an opportunity to express themselves in terms of work. Management is very receptive to new ideas and gives serious consideration to change proposals. I feel this is a dynamic company where one can gain immense learning and develop leadership skills. They truly live by their values in every transaction of business and inculcate a culture that will always yield self- motivated employees.”

    HR Specialist TriOptus, India
  • I got to know TriOptus as a candidate first, and was impressed with their responsiveness and knowledge of the hiring company’s dynamics. When I was interviewing with my current company, they always kept in touch with me, giving me regular status updates, being proactive, even if they were still waiting—they let you know they hadn’t forgotten about you. And I could tell they had really gotten to know the hiring team and the company’s business, which helped prepare me as well.

    Consultant Major Financial client, USA
  • “When I arrived at TriOptus I had a limited knowledge of the role I was hired to do. TriOptus team trusted me and taught me everything. I was supported by the senior recruiters who were very accessible and available with a real will to help me grow.”

    Career Consultant TriOptus, India
  • At TriOptus, I continue to learn every day in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The management believe in an egalitarian culture and therefore we can discuss, share ideas and speak freely with everyone and at all levels of the hierarchy. Relationships between consultants are excellent and the atmosphere is relaxed and easy going.”

    Admin TriOptus, Canada